Allison Spears wants to keep Brentwood, Brentwood! A quality of life worth preserving…..

  • As both residential and commercial development and redevelopment occur, Allison will strive to keep our CURRENT zoning in place.
  • Allison will do this by FULLY upholding our 1-acre density residential zoning.   This can be achieved by having 1 home on 1 acre or, in new neighborhoods with smaller lots, developers will need to maintain enough green space to ensure the equivalent of 1-acre density in that new development.
  • Allison knows that a great asset to Brentwood is our commercially zoned areas.  Commercial zoning is necessary to keep a strong source of sales-tax revenue.  ANY commercial development or redevelopment needs to be purposeful and controlled so that we do not overrun our infrastructure or negatively impact current residents.
  • Allison has NO conflict of interest in making decisions regarding residential or commercial zoning matters that would come before the City of Brentwood.
  • Allison will fight to keep our infrastructure strong: Police and Fire, Roads, Parks, Schools, and Sewer System.
  • Allison values fiscal responsibility and will vote to keep a strong “Rainy Day Fund” and to keep our City tax rate effectively stable as it has been for the last 31 years.